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What are Murals?
Quite simply a mural is a large painting painted directly onto a given surface usually architectural.

What is Trompe-L'oeil?
Trompe-L'oeil comes from the French meaning trick of the eye. Commonly used to create an illusion, it is well used to cover awkward areas or to give interest to large expanses by painting in, a window or doorway for example.

What are Fresco's?
Fresco's are an ancient form of painting. The paintings are done onto a specially plastered wall so that the pigment sinks in. They are extremely durable and can last for 100's of years. Examples of Fresco's you may know include the Sistine Chapel painted by Michaelangelo and the paintings at Pompei which survived a volcanic eruption.

Do you only work directly on walls?
Becsmart realise that many people may rent or move regularly. Because of this, they also work on MDF board for interior surfaces and Exterior ply wood for exterior surfaces. This way the mural or Trompe-L'oeil can be removed and taken with you. These murals are painted at the Becsmart studio in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

What site preparation is required?
All preparatory work must be carried out before the artist arrives to begin the mural. Becsmart will advise you if any needs to be done at the time of the quotation. It may be as simple as cleaning the area with sugar soap to remove any dirt. If the room needs re-painting Becsmart will assist you in picking a colour suitable for the background of the theme chosen. Only the best quality trade paints are used. In the case of exterior surfaces, most surfaces can be painted over, however for effect in some cases rendering or the erection of blue board or exterior ply sheeting etc. may be required. This would need to be organised by the client through a tradesperson.

For any further questions, email , and we will reply
within 1-3 days.
Becsmart are always striving to better themselves. It would be greatly appreciated if you could post a comment on the service you recieved and quality of the work provided.

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